Building stronger business.


Our Mission

Diversa Business Alliance’s vision is to support local businesses through positive and personal relationships, develop individual professionals in structured and educational meetings, and impact the community with intentional outreach initiatives.

Our Values

At Diversa Business Alliance, we are doing business as…

Honest allies – Our members strive for truthfulness and integrity in all interactions with one another. From business deals to personal conversations, we seek to be open, sincere, and genuine with each other at all times. In order for our alliance to help each individual thrive, we have to know we can trust one another.

Trusted allies – Developing trust takes time, effort, and patience. Our members are committed to developing personal relationships with one another to build that trust and then to backing it up by being reliable and dependable whenever called upon.

Professional allies – As a group focused on business, all of our members are local professionals or business owners offering products or services to the general public. We also seek to act professionally and appropriately in all of our interactions with one another and the community at large.

Committed allies – In order to achieve our goal of building stronger business together, our members have dedicated themselves to a common vision and mission. We are actively loyal to one another; not through blind faith, but with an intentional focus on supporting one another during our weekly meetings and whenever else feasible.

Informal allies – While our weekly meetings do have some structure and we hold each other accountable to certain expectations, we strive to do so in a relaxed manner. Our members warmly welcome guests and each other with a come-as-you-are mentality rather than focusing on adhering to a strict set of by-laws or formality.

Personal allies – We do not just show up to meetings, hand out potential referrals, and then go about our day. Our members take the time to get to know one another as unique individuals on a deeper level. We seek to build each other up in all facets of life, not just swapping leads.

Supportive allies – As an alliance, we have adopted an “all for one and one for all” mentality. We are each dedicated to the group as a whole but only to the extent that the group builds up each member. This can be through doing business directly with one another, helping to make effective introductions, or just offering moral encouragement to one another.

Diverse allies – The Latin root of “diverse” is literally in our name. We seek to be different by representing a wide array of industries and professions as well as celebrating what makes each individual unique. Our members are never a lost voice in a crowd of competitors.

Respectful allies – Our members are committed to treating one another with dignity and decency at all times. We are respectful of each other’s time, opinions, and beliefs on both a professional and a personal level.

Intentional allies – Never going through the motions blindly, we are deliberate in all of our interactions with one another. We seek to support one another and impact our community at large in positive ways and with purpose.


Listed below...

Christopher Daub - NMLS 1375596/PA 64419Mortgage

Business Name: CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
Address: 1908 West Allen, Units 102, 104, 106-109, 111, 112, 118
Allentown, PA 18104
Description: Mortgage Loan Originator

Benjamin E FedorArbor

Business Name: Parkway Tree, LLC
Address: 4000 Oregon Pike
Ephrata, PA 17522
Description: Work with our team to trim, remove, or preserve your trees in Lancaster County, PA and surrounding areas.

Rich McKeeLife & Disability

Business Name: Northwestern Mutual
Address: 280 Granite Run Dr, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17601
Description: Coming Soon.

David W. RanckEmployee Benefits and Individual

Business Name: DWR Consultants
Address: 148 Gery Ct
Ephrata, PA 17522
Description: As a Certified Medicare and Pennie (ACA, Individual Insurance Consultant, I will help you navigate the challenging options between Medicare and Individual Health plans available to you, the consumer.

Shannon ShenbergerInsurance - P &

Business Name: Harding Yost Insurance Assoc
Address: 142 Walnut Street, Suite 220, P.O. Box 220
Denver, PA 17517
Description: We evaluate individual personal insurance needs, compare costs across multiple insurance companies, and recommend which customized option is the best value.

Casey TommasiRestoration &

Business Name: Restoration Relief
Address: 350 Railroad Ave
Ephrata PA 17522
Description: Respond. Restore. Relieve.

David M. Witmer,

Business Name: Hershey Advisors, P.C.
Address: 4232 Oregon Pike, P.O. Box 669
Brownstown, PA 17508
Description: David M. Witmer, CPA provides quality accounting and tax services for individuals, businesses, and not-for-profits in Brownstown, PA and its surrounding communities, including Lancaster, Berks, and Lebanon Counties. Dedicated to fostering beneficial client relationships and working with a team of fellow CPAs and support staff, David is able to offer a wide-range of friendly and professional services you can trust.

Vincent YoundtHeating & A/

Business Name: Vertex Mechanical, Inc.
Address: 21 Stevens Road
Stevens, PA 17578
Description: Mechanical business for both residential & light commercial properties. Geothermal specialists.

Burnell ZeisetRealtor -

Business Name: BHHS Homesale Realty
Address: 5 Old Mill Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
Description: Home buying / house selling with Loyal Support ~ Smart Solutions

Speaker Schedule

Each week, a member from Diversa Business Alliance speaks for 20 minutes about their respective businesses. If you are interested in learning more about these businesses, please email our Membership contact about scheduling a visit to one of these meetings. Your presence is appreciated!

Date1st SpeakerCategory
4/19/2023JOE INTERRANTEFinancial Advisor
4/26/2023DAVE RANCKEmployee Benefits & Individual Plans
5/10/2023BURNELL ZEISETRealtor-Residential
5/24/2023SHANNON SENBERGERInsurance- P&C
5/31/2023BEN FEDORParkway Tree, LLC
6/14/2023CHRIS DAUBMortgage Lender
6/21/2023VINCE YOUNDTHeating & A/C
6/28/2023DAVE WITMERAccounting
7/12/2023RICH McKEETechnology
7/19/2023JOE INTERRANTEFinancial Advisor
7/26/2023DAVE RANCKEmployee Benefits & Individual Plans
8/9/2023CHRIS DAUBMortgage Lender
8/16/2023VINCE YOUNDTHeating & A/C
8/23/2023DAVE WITMERAccounting
8/30/2023BURNELL ZEISETRealtor-Residential
9/13/2023SHANNON SENBERGERInsurance- P&C
9/20/2023BEN FEDORParkway Tree, LLC
9/27/2023RICH McKEETechnology
10/11/2023JOE INTERRANTEFinancial Advisor
10/18/2023DAVE RANCKEmployee Benefits & Individual Plans
10/25/2023CHRIS DAUBMortgage Lender
11/8/2023VINCE YOUNDTHeating & A/C
11/15/2023DAVE WITMERAccounting
11/29/2023BURNELL ZEISETRealtor-Residential
12/13/2023SHANNON SENBERGERInsurance- P & C